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Ten tips for weed spread prevention at construction sites

1. Conduct a site assessment and determine if there are noxious weeds or plant diseases present.
2. Chemically treat or manually remove weeds before commencing work, where appropriate, and plan the disposal method to be used. Contact the relevant state authority for disposal permits for declared weeds.
3. Locate suitable clean down areas, usually near entry and exit points, and identify these on your site map.
4. If possible, plan works to progress from clean areas to infested areas (particularly when working on roadsides).
5. Aim to minimise disturbance of existing vegetation.
6. Implement procedures to inspect and/or clean machinery entering and leaving the site.
7. Ensure everyone on site is familiar with machinery hygiene and cleaning procedures by use of site inductions and training.
8. Avoid the movement of people and machinery through infested areas particularly at the high risk time of seeding.
9. Use removable screens over grills on vehicles to prevent seeds lodging in internal parts such as the radiator.
10. Seek a declaration from suppliers that soil and machinery received to site is weed and disease free (especially for re-vegetation works).

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