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Heather Campbell - CEO

Heather Campbell has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Landcare Australia Limited and will commence her new role from November 9th. Heather takes over from Brian Scarsbrick AM who was Landcare Australias inaugural CEO and lead the organisation for 20 years.

Heather is currently National Operations Manager with Cheetham Salt and was previously the Group General Manager of Operating Risk and Sustainability for Amcor. She has extensive experience in executive management, highly developed skills in leadership, sustainability, environmental and risk management in corporations and the not for profit sector in Australia and internationally. Currently a Director of Earthwatch Australia, Heather has a passion for environmental research and education, and believes fully in the benefits of linking scientists with enthusiastic individuals. Heathers educational qualifications are in Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Occupational Hygiene and Business. Heather said:

The Landcare movement is pivotal in Australia to protecting and repairing the environment. Its unique link between community groups, government and business has resulted in many degraded areas being improved. This continues to result in enhanced waterways and coastal environments, protection of wildlife habitats and improved farm productivity through reduced erosion and salinity.

Landcare Australia Limited can play a key role in linking all stakeholders together to deliver tangible improvements to the environment through the provision of resources to the local Landcare and Coastcare groups. My vision is that it will be the key avenue for the business community to link into government and the many local groups to provide the community groups on the ground with the broad range of resources they need to deliver agreed environmental improvements.

I feel extremely privileged to be entrusted with leading an organisation that is part of the Landcare movement and which can help to make a real difference to the environments we live and work in.

Landcare Board Chairman Jerry Ellis: Heather will be a tremendous asset to the organisation. She brings top level leadership skills and is exceptionally qualified to lead Landcare Australia into a new era.

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