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Safer Internet Day 2009

Australia participates in Safer Internet Day 2009

Young people around Australia will participate in activities promoting responsible internet use during Safer Internet Day.

"The themes for Safer Internet Day 2009—safe social networking and the prevention of cyber-bullying—are particularly relevant given the popularity of services such as Facebook, MySpace, Habbo Hotel and Bebo among young people," the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy said.

"Young people are highly engaged with the online world and it is important that they have the knowledge and experience needed to be responsible cyber-citizens."

Australia is one of more than 50 countries expected to recognise Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 10 February, 2009.

Activities organised by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) include:

* social networking and consumer safety forums for secondary school students
* launch of new cyber-bullying initiatives for primary school children on the SuperClubsPLUS Australia website, and
* launch of Cybersmart Detectives Game in schools in New South Wales.

"Statistics show that young people spend as much as 65 per cent of their online time engaged in social networking and other related communication activities," Senator Conroy said.

"While most online experiences for young people are positive, they are never risk-free, so it is important that we raise awareness of safer online behaviours."

The Rudd Government is investing $125.8 million cyber-safety plan to help create a safer online environment.

Measures include the law enforcement, education, content filtering, research and international cooperation. The Government is also creating a Youth Advisory Group to help guide effective responses to online safety risks.

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