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Looking after the chickens - public comments sought on Poultry Welfare Monitoring Program

The Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F)  announced the release of the draft program for monitoring the welfare of poultry.

DPI&F General Manager of Animal Welfare, Dr Rick Symons said the document is open for public comment and he is keen to hear from interested parties. "The community, poultry industry and markets for poultry products have an expectation that poultry are treated humanely," said Dr Symons.

"To achieve this persons in charge of poultry have a duty of care to their animals and must comply with the Poultry Standards. "The Poultry Welfare Monitoring Program is aimed at preventing animal suffering, promoting standards of animal care and ensuring that people with poultry understand and comply with the Poultry Standards. "We are keen to hear from anyone interested in making a comment to ensure the final monitoring program is acceptable to the public and industry," said Dr Symons.

To ensure compliance, the final monitoring program will include audits of poultry producers by Authorised Officers appointed by DPI&F. Industry quality assurance programs may also be approved by DPI&F if they meet the principles of the monitoring program.

The final date for public comment is January 25, 2009. The final program will be published after all comments have been considered.

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