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Yara Australia launches its new ‘Powerbranded’ product range in Australia

As part of our total global marketing program, Yara Australia will be progressively releasing its high quality dry applied, fertigation and foliar product range under a set of new ‘Powerbrands’ during 2007.

Whilst Yara is clearly recognised for its range of high quality fertilisers, this new global marketing initiative will increase the efficiency of communication and transfer of our advanced technical capabilities to our industry partners. This will be achieved through powerful, consistent and informative visual identity based on product differentiation and uniqueness.

As such, the Powerbrands enable a synergistic approach to building the Yara brand and a clear product portfolio structure.

More than just some ‘new branding’

As a key component of Yara’s marketing concept, this Power branding initiative will;

  • Strengthen and build Yara as a brand
  • Simplify and limit the number of product names used to identify our products
  • Build fewer but stronger global product brands
  • Become more effective and in our promotional activities
New product ranges

The key changes with this new Powerbranding initiative will be the introduction of some key brand names as follows:

  • The YaraMila range features a set of soil applied Nitrophosphate NPK’s

As such, YaraMila Complex TM will supersede Yara Hydrocomplex.

  • The YaraLiva range features a set of both solution grade & field grade Calcium Nitrate (plus optional boron) fertilisers.

This new YaraLiva range will now enhance well-known brand names such as YaraLiva Calcinit, Calcibor, Nitrabor and Tropicote.

  • The YaraVita range features a comprehensive set of (predominantly) foliar macro & micronutrients, in addition to a range chelated micronutrient products.

This new YaraVita range will now enhance well known horticultural and broadacre product brand names such as YaraVita Twin Zinc, Stopit, Zintrac Budbuilder and Citra-Vine. The YaraVita chelates will also feature the high quality range of Rexolin EDTA, DTPA and EDDHA chelates from Akzo Nobel.

Each of Powerbrand names were developed with short, sharp names with apt old Norse roots - YaraLiva (life), YaraMila (success) and YaraVita (knowledge). All packaging also prominently displays the well-known Yara Viking ship logo, coupled with the unique stylised fingerprint pattern.

Ultimately, Powerbranding is just one part of our total marketing concept to assist our marketing programs reach the end-user as effectively as possible.

Our aim is to create a consistent brand presentation at the point of contact with the end-user and with the implementation of the Powerbrands we will present a consistent, clear and simplified brand to the Australian market.

For further information, please contact Mark Ridings, Sales & Marketing Manager, Yara Australia on 0438 346 900

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